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Two Easy Looks You Can Create at Home

Christmas is fast approaching, and with all those pre-drinks, office parties and festive social events coming up, you’ll want to be at the top of your hair game.


Check out our step by step guide to creating these two looks by yourself at home.

Hollywood Waves


Step 1: Wash & dry your hair. Use Aveda Speed of Light Blow Drying Spray to protect the hair prior to heat styling.

Step 2: Create a side parting and clip the top section of the hair our of the way. 


Step 3: Start curling the section right above your ear with Cloud Nines curling wand - ensuring the curls are going towards your face.

Step 4: Repeat around the whole head until every part is curled

Step 5: Once the curls are in place, spray with a firm Aveda holding hairspray. 

Step 6: Take the fine side of your comb and start combing through the curls. As you comb around the entire head, the curl pattern will start to join together.


Step 7: Give it one last veil of hairspray and you’re set!

Messy Top Knot 


Step 1: Brush into hair pony tail on top of the head. 

Step 2: Spray down any flyaway hairs and spray the length of the pony tail. 


Step 3: Create a loop with the pony tail and pull the ends through.

Step 4: Pull it tight and wrap the length of the hair around the base.

Step 5: Pin into place. 

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